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Originally an Idea born in 1984 by Tony Masters, Delta Alarms was born early in 1985.

Based in Crewe, Cheshire. The company was formed and based in the town centre.


Concentrating initially on mainly domestic intruder alarm systems based on keyswitch control, Tony realised that technology would move forward quickly and invested strongly in future technology and training.


Delta Alarms quickly grew and moved to larger premises and moved into commercial and industrial alarm systems and the then new technology, of closed circuit television.


As technology moved forward the company moved into digitally operated systems, being one of the first companies in the UK to install keypad operated security systems.


Further developments within the industry meant that Delta Alarms moved into intercom systems, access control and panic alarms.


In early 1989 the company head office moved to North Wales as a more central office was required due to expansion into Clwyd, Denbighshire, Conwy & Gwynedd.


In 1989 Tony's son Mike left school and joined the company whilst completing his electrical installation qualification.


The company now moved forward again, offering services such as automated gate and barrier installations, (Mike's Speciality).


By the early 1990's Delta were installing monitored Intruder Alarms and went on to join The Security Systems & Alarms Inspectorate Board, giving customers and authorities the reasurrance that all installations are correct, warranted and insurance approved.


In 2001 second son Steve joined the company, and although now an excellent all rounder, went on to train and specialise in wireless security systems, now a speciality within the company.


As you see, Delta Alarms has a vast and long standing history. We are a family based business and go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.


The company is owned, run and staffed by family members, most of our customers are on first name terms and all calls go direct to Tony, Mike or Steve, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


We now have offices in Flintshire & Denbighshire and a sattelite office in Cheshire.


We pride ourselves in the quality of not only our work but our aftercare and dedication to the company.


After almost 30 years of success, we must be doing something right!.